jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2014

The ignorance of the Greenpeace group that put signs on the “Nazca Lines” in Perú, cause a lot of damage. The obscure terrain that you see in the pictures is nothing but harmless fungus liquenitzats and bacteria spread by the strong winds (paracas) in the area that spray them from the nearby sea. The dark terrain is only as deep as 5 cm and if you walk over it unprotected, you mark white sand lines. To walk in the area you need to use wooden platform (similar to the ones use to walk in soft snow). Buy not doing so, or consulting with archeologists, they have marked their trail in the sand. They made more negative impressions in Peruvians and educated people around the world, that any message they wanted to send to the world. Now, if a Peruvian (or Peruvians) had committed such stupidity, they would be thrown to jail immediately and later on to a court. Let’s hope that these foreigners receive the same treatment. Greenpeace has a good reputation and they, themselves, should see that justice is made.

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