domingo, 31 de enero de 2010


I am not going to write about Hugo Chávez anymore. He, himself takes care of his own discredit as a person and as the president of Venezuela that certainly deserves a better leader.

Evo Morales, president of Bolivia and peon of Chávez attacks Peru (verbally) constantly, so much that the Peruvian government has chosen to ignore him an answer no more...

Peru has traditionally and historically been very close to Bolivia and Bolivians. Evo Morales has turn into an enemy of Peru and constantly attacks with obvious lies, personal insults to the Peruvian president, Alan García. Peruvians who might like or dislike our president feel offended because whatever happens in Peru, is for the Peruvians to resolve.

Recently Evo Morales made public and international statements saying that García had order the killing of hundredths of indigenous Peruvians in the Amazon Jungle. It is proven now that the ones that got surprise and killed in the middle of negotiation to open a highway where almost 30 unarmed defenseless young policemen killed by violent demostratros and 3 civilians shot by "no one knows who", but a Police General seems to have order a gunner to shot the people in land.

Morales who obviously know the truth is saying now that the bodies of civilians murder had been buried in clandestine massive graves; but there are no families claiming for missing relatives.

Morales keeps falsifying the reality and trying to provoke more confusion among our civilians living in the jungle. Why and who is behind him? It is obvious for any Castilian spoken person that Morales is a very uneducated man that got to the government of Bolivia with the support of the “cocaleros” and Hugo Chávez.

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