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Are we at war?

We are at war and we don´t even know it

               Most people around the world think that the United Nation Organization Works mostly in that tall building located on the South East of Manhattan. Well, that is not so. The UN is located all around the world including Managua and Lima, for example.
               After the building in Manhattan the second (I write “second” because of the size and the work they are involved in) center is Brussels, Belgium (Rue Montoyer 14 B-1000 Brussels, Belgium, that Tel: +32-2-505-4620, that just a few yards away from the Airport and Train Station bombed by “out of there mind ISIS warriors and their bosses around the world”.
               I know from very reliable sources that Tacna and Moquegua is packed with Muslims- Don´t take me wrong; most Muslims are God abiding people. The problem is that the yihadistas hide themselves among the good Muslims causing (helped by the press) a bad reputation for the mostly pacific ones and the civilians all around.
               It is known as UN/UNDP. The Director as most diplomats that work in Belgium are properly accredited to the Brussels Foreign Affairs offices and the personnel travel around the world with a diplomatic passport.
               Many times when the General Assembly or the Security Council needs to meet urgently, they do it in Brussels and not in Manhattan for comfort and distance.
I              Work for three years in the building in New York City on the third floor in the Manhattan building and had a “open all doors pass” that permitted me to even take accompany friends into the building and have then, even assist the General Council or the Security Meetings.
               As a journalist myself, I must confess that we occidentals tend to judge the yihadistas as a hole because we don’t have the proper words in our encyclopedias or electronic searches to be more precise.
               I am trying now and believe me, I am surrounded by books and computers and I am having trouble express the necessity for peace talks. I believe that it will be difficult and dangerous, even for Pope Francis.
               We, Judeo-Christian’s, must understand that Muslims are people just like everyone else and when a Israeli, American, French, British or have-you, drop bombs in habitant cities and towns killing hundredth of noncombatant children, women and the elderly men and women: are just making things go worst for everyone.
               Here, in Lima I have seriously heard Peruvian and foreign diplomats openly saying that tactical bombs must be used (40 cm bombs drop from planes that areas strong as the bombs drop in Japan in 1945). The difference between a tactical bomb and a strategic “A” or “H” bomb is enormous but both are as cruel as the bombing in Dresden in 1945 by thousands of Brits and American planes. Dresden was a home city, not a city of war factories compound and the war was to be finish in five months at the most. It was after the D day and after the USSR invasion on German territory
               Also, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were home cities. The destruction ordered by Harry Truman (USA) with the first two “A” bombs was completely unnecessary. If Germany had won the war, Truman will have been executed head down (but that is history
               Back to Judeo-Christians and Muslims
               If nuclear fission is used the occidentals will win the war but, let me tell you a very short story: “When I was last in Japan, the Japanese invited me home frequently- My American friends always asked me “why they always take us to restaurants and never to their homes?”. I discreetly found out that “they have not or ever will accept the unnecessary destruction”. Because of the war many children and old people where sent there.

               Muslim is a religion, not a race. Jesus brought Christianity upon us, and because of persecutions, executions and war, look at us?
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